Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Creative Disaster, Formally known As My Creative Space

It is not very often my crafting goes bad, which is a good thing. Because, if it happened to often, I think I would be put off for life!

Last week I started knitting a little toy for a friend. Lots of fiddley little bits. As the knitting was nearly finished I thought to myself 'gosh, this would look really cool felted'. I should have stopped that line of thought then and there- hindsight is a wonderful thing. So I set too and began felting but alas it appears the wool I used was not very colourfast and quickly mottled in the hot water. Ever the optimist, I thought 'oh well I will just dye it back'. Well that did not work, as it is still very blotchy, just a much darker shade of blotchy. And, to top it all off, I now have smurf blue fingers for my efforts.

Lesson learnt.


  1. Oh no! What a shame. It doesn't look very blotchy from here. Won't it just add more interest to the toy? Hope you can salvage it. If you can't, send it over here. I know 2 furry things that really like yarn no matter what the colour. ;o)

  2. There has to be a positive - perhaps you were really making a dinosaur? They have blotches don't they? You could make it up and sew 'spots' aka patches on it...or sequins (ok now I'm just being silly). The best thing about kids is their imagination, would the recipient really see the blotches as a failing?

  3. i too think it looks salvageable. you made an interesting colorway! try to sew them together with the stuffing inside. what was it supposed to be?

  4. Yikes! I think I would still sew it up...and see...

  5. I adore this color. What did you do finally? Hope it worked out one way or the other. Off to read some of your past posts..
    Have a lovely day xx


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