Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Looking For Rainbows

Sometimes life throws you a curve ball. Everything is ticking along nicely then suddenly it is all thrown adrift. Just that happened to us this week, with lots of decisions to be made, unexpected decisions. Decisions which sometimes make it hard to maintain a 'glass half full' outlook on life. But I am grateful for my family, their kindness and love. So while this week started badly, we are hoping to find a positive soon. Like a rainbow after a storm.  


  1. I have found that curved balls in life are learning experiences, changes that have to happen to you and others so that you can grow, never easy, I have recently had a few curved balls in my life, and they are hard to catch,and take a while to work through. cheers Marie

  2. Hope things work out for you. Cx

  3. xxx I hope everything is okay and those curve balls didn't pack too much of a punch when thrown xxx

  4. I am so glad you can see that'silver lining' even in your current dilemma. Hope it all works out for you.

  5. Life is a little like the sea you write about - it comes in swells. Deep in the trough, you can see nothing but water that you can't breathe. The point is to swim up. We don't write much about religion, commenting on these blogs, but I will tell you that I have found best not to live life swimming on your own. I don't begin to believe that every tiny thing happens because there is a God who controls our lives. But I do believe that we are given a carefully felted playmat, where we decide the play and have to deal with the consequences of our choices, and sometimes for conditions that arise out of living on a dynamic planet with an almost luck-of-the-draw genetic set.

    I think where the relationship with a creator comes in is this: someone cares about what happens to us. And just as we watch over our children without making puppets out of them, so he does. And when our children need comfort or strength, we are delighted to give them what we can - short of giving too much, so that they are actually damaged by too easy delivery from troubles. And that, too, is how I see heaven interacting with us.

    Our purpose here is not to avoid death, but to learn to live life. And that means (to me) collecting tools, exercising our hearts, minds and bodies, growing strong and competent. The odd thing is that it's mostly when things are tough that we are able to grow in these things. So the curve balls, used wisely, make us more than we were without them.

    I have brought up my kids. Lived through the weariness and the frustration and the physical sickness and all the rest. It leaves me amazed, looking back at the trail I've somehow climbed. But I did climb it. I did. And I will climb some more. It's made a person of me. It's so worth it.

    And your children will bless your name forever for all this swimming and climbing. (Sorry for being so long winded)

  6. I hope you are seeing some rainbows some time soon.

  7. Hugs to you. May you feel like a happy Mama soon.

    Namaste, Nicole

  8. I have only just seen this post, but wanted you to know that we are sending lots of rainbows your way from Switzerland.


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