Tuesday, January 11, 2011

4 Seasons

A Kiwi Summer

A kiwi summer, I love it. 

One of my favorite things about summer holidays is getting back to basics, and for us, we do that at the family batch. A batch, for those that don't know is a New Zealand term for holiday home. Except, holiday home congers up images of big flash houses, were as batches are all about keeping it simple. Think crockery from the 1970's, peggysquare blankets made by some now long dead aunt, cushions that are so old the filling has gone hard... you get the drift. 

At our batch, we don't have a bath, only a shower and the little ones aren't fussed on showers anyway. Our solution- a bucket bath in the evenings on the deck. I must say I was more than a little jealous, I would not have minded sitting out there myself- warm water on a beautiful summer's evening, overlooking the south pacific ocean- bliss!

So, what have you all been up too in 2011? Would love you to link up.


  1. i learned what a family batch is today! love that about blogging with mamas around the world. i would link up but for one, we've been mostly dealing with a nasty virus this year so far and second, i couldn't figure out what to do with that linky url bit. please explain... ; )

  2. I was thinking about this the other day
    pleased its back :)

  3. Such a happy post! You are blessed.

    Namaste, Nicole

  4. great idea...and what a sweet photo...she looks so happy! I agree, I;m a little jealous, too:) haha :) hugs to you:)

  5. your holiday sounds like fun =)
    i love spending time a a batch ( much better than a tent, which i can't even put up i the first place!)
    batches alwasy seem so much sunnier than any home,
    hope you had fun!


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