Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ron Mueck

A Girl by Ron Mueck
This week I made time to visit the Ron Mueck Exhibition being held at the Christchurch Art Gallery. What can I say?!  it was amazing!

What many of you may not know about me, is that a life time ago, before I was a mother, before I was a nurse and before Simon's accident, I was a modern art nut. I have a bachelors degree majoring in art of the 20th century. One thing I learn't during my years studying art, is that the best art illicit s a response from the viewer. Picasso is a good case in point, people love his work or hate it- both are emotional responses. 

Now I have been to many exhibitions over the years but none have moved me so much as some of the pieces in Ron Mueck's exhibition. His work depicts in stunning reality the human form on both a massive and tiny scale. The reality of the figures and the situations in which they are presented are at times heartwarming, at times repugnant and at times heartbreaking. I found my self wanting to reach out and stroke this not so little newborns downy head, but of course I didn't as I am sure the gallery staff would have pounced on me if I had. 

The exhibition is in Christchurch until the 23rd and I strongly advise you to get down and visit if you are in the city.


  1. ooh thanks for the reminder. I have been meaning to see this too. will have to get it done asap!! I heard so many rave reviews about it

  2. Isnt it amazing!!
    we went to it in Brisbane last year - I was blown away! especially the little old ladies.. thought they were amazing..all the detail including the little earring hole in the earlobe.

  3. I saw it in Melbourne last year. The one that got me was the Hairy Man, you know, the giant naked guy. Even though he was so huge I felt like he was going to stand up and start ranting at everybody!

  4. Wow! It looks incredible. Hope you and yours are keeping well. x

  5. woah shes huge!!!


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