Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Very Messy Business

I had forgotten just how very messy it is when a little one starts on solids. We started Isla a few weeks ago on homemade sweet potato and pumpkin, what a hit! The little one practically had my hand off trying to get more. It is the sweetest thing, as she eats she goes "mmmmm", so I am thinking she is liking her solids. It's delightful to watch her little face as she experiences these new tastes and textures. What is slightly less fun is cleaning up her seat, the table, the chairs and the floor after she has finished!


  1. haha, the joy of mash everywhere LOL. Very cute pic of Miss Isla.

  2. Wow you are even with your little girls posts!!! 23 for Isla and 23 for Holly!!!

    How did you manage that? LOL

    Warmly, Nicole

  3. That's hilarious! Definately one for the 21st album! She definately looks like she's enjoying herself.


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