Saturday, June 19, 2010

Chalk Drawing

The weather was amazingly un-winter like today in our little corner of paradise, in fact it was positively balmy. What better way to enjoy the unseasonal warmth than getting outdoors amongst it. So we threw open all the doors and windows and happily spent the day in the garden.

My little creative one and a blast drawing chalk pictures up and down the path.

I just love watching her create her little abstract wonders, she becomes so engrossed when she is hard at work creating.

Granddad could not resist a little creative work himself, so now our whole neighborhood knows that 'Holly lives here' 

Happy weekend everyone 


  1. Like the photo of her holding her hand out. Hurray for a bit of the blue stuff so we can escape the cabin fever!

  2. Very cute. Weather was wonderful down our way too. Chalk drawing is such a lovely way for the kids to get creative - unfortunately my 3 year old spent her day writing all over her wall today! Feeling very defeated!

  3. How fun is chalk drawing! I use to always draw chalk hopscotch grids when I was little. Have a lovely day. xo

  4. We've been doing some chalk drawing here too... but nothing as pretty as you and yours.

  5. hmm I think Elijah has used up all the chalk but he would love to draw on the path! I also like the photo of Holly holding her hand out - cute! And maybe Granddad wrote that so he remembers where she lives ;) Thanks for linking up

    and I see I've missed a few of your posts - I better catch up!

  6. What great fun!! Such a simple "toy" and hours of pleasure..brilliant!! Hope all is grand in your world :)


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