Wednesday, June 2, 2010

In My Mail Box Today

Recently I entered a giveaway on Elizabeth's blog Toile and guess what?! I was the lucky winner of one of her prizes.  In the package was this amazing toile fabric (very appropriate!), a whole 1.5yards of it. Isn't it just delicious? I can't decide what I should make with it, I am thinking maybe some pillowcases that would take pride of place on the lounge couch. 

Also included was this sweet little rabbit stamp and ink pad. I am thinking this will make a beautiful embellishment on little gift cards. 

And also included to my surprise was this ceramic button. I have never seen anything quite like it before. As much as I love my little corner of paradise, here in New Zealand. It is when I see things like this, I am reminded how limited our selection of crafting supplies is. 

Thank you so much Elizabeth for this lovely gift. If you have never visited Toile before, please pop over, she has a lovely blog.


  1. I love toile, and your fabric is lovely!

  2. Your kidding right??? Man - can you buy me a lottery ticket? Please?

    One lucky Mama you are.

    Smiling, Nicole

  3. I am so glad it arrived safely! Enjoy!


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