Friday, June 11, 2010

I Love You

I Love you. 

Funny how those three little words pull at our heart strings so, they are just words after all. But, when said by someone you love back, they have the ability to make you feel like fireworks are exploding in your heart. 

Today I heard those three little words for the very first time from my girl. So unexpected and sweet, she smiled and said 'I Love you'. I smiled back, hugged her, held her close and said 'I love you too'. 

It was a sweet, perfect moment, a moment you wish you could take a photo of so you could look back at it a million times. 

A moment that makes all the hard bits of being a Mama worthwhile. 


  1. Just gorgeous! And what a beautiful photograph! My youngest says "I love you in the whole wide world". Too cute!

  2. Nothing touches you heart as deeply as your kid saying those words spontaneously!

  3. yes hearing "I yuve you" makes it all worth it.


  4. that is SO cute! love those moments

  5. awww so sweet

    I like this book

    it encourages this loving feeling :)


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