Friday, March 26, 2010

A little green dress

Isn't it lovely? This beautiful little dress was made by the very talented Kelly at Reclaiming Me . It is made from a gorgeous green floral vintage fabric. She kindly gifted it to us. As soon as Holly saw it, she got very excited, as Holly LOVES dresses. She instantly wanted to put it on and was more than happy to pose for an impromptu photo shoot. 

Thank you Kelly!


  1. That dress is so cool. Your girl looks very cute in it.

    I got the pants that she was giving away, they are so so cool. I was just writing up a post about them, but need to get a better photo. Will get one this afternoon.

  2. aww she looks so adorable! and yes, the dress looks 100% better on a girl than my 'model' hehe. I hope you get alot of use out of it!

    Elijah says she looks beautiful (then added 'but I'm not going to marry her' - he has a sudden obsession with marriage!)

  3. love the material
    bless Kelly

  4. Thanks Kelly. Don't worry Elijah, Holly is a bit scared of boys so can't see her getting married anytime soon ;-)

  5. This dress is gorgeous, I'd wear that!!


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