Thursday, March 4, 2010

Holly's day

Today my sweet girl turned 2 years old. What a difference 2 years can make. This time 2 years ago, I was a new mother to a darling 9lb 3oz girl with straight dark hair and dark grey eyes, now she is a very active, blond curly haired, brown eyed toddler! She has bought me such joy, I have never smiled more than I have these last 2 years. I am a very blessed mother to have my sweet girls.

So, here is 2 years in photo's-

Happy Birthday Holly!! - We love you!!


  1. So gorgeous! Happy Birthday Holly!

  2. Happy Birthday Holly

    I was talking to a friend the other day about how amazing the first 2 years are
    hope the next year is just as good :)

  3. How precious she is! Happy Birthday to Holly.
    I loved viewing each photo - they grow up so fast.

    I love two year olds - this year is going to be fun!

    Best wishes,


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