Monday, March 22, 2010

The best bits

I think kids have the right idea, take the best bits in life and leave the bits you don't like so much. Holly is a great one for doing this. Take the above cupcake. She carefully nibbled off the icing (which lets face it really IS the best part of any cake), before carefully placing the rest of the cupcake back on the plate. 

It got me thinking about the best bits of my life and the bits I could discard. I would happy take the toddler laughs and kisses but discard the tantrums. I would happily take the baby smiles but leave the poopy nappies. I would take my home but leave the house cleaning. I would take the chocolate but leave behind the calories!

Holly can do it, so why not me? Alas, I think that is just one of the privileges of childhood. 

But if you could, what best bits would you take?

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  1. what a thought provoking post
    I enjoyed reading it and smiling about the good things parenting brings


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