Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I have finally finished knitting up the bloom dress by Tikki for Holly and it looks great (if I do say so myself!).  Holly loves it too. She saw it hanging over the back of the chair the morning after I had finished it and instantly had to put it on!

I also learnt an important lesson knitting this- *do not attempt lace knitting with small children present*. I ended up having to undo and redo several sections of this dress before I learnt above mentioned lesson and left knitting it until after the kids were asleep. 


  1. A newborn, toddler and a beautiful, knitted dress - you shine girl!

    The dress is lovely and so is Holly - pretty, pretty.


  2. I love knitted dresses on little girls! Hey Lou, if you can email me your address elijahsmum@hotmail.com I'll post out the dress for your wee one :D

  3. That dress is stunning!
    I love it!

  4. The dress is divine! Definately a job for 'after work'! I haven't attempted any lace knitting yet but may be inspired to after seeing that gorgeous dress on your daughter. Love the colour too!


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