Saturday, February 20, 2010

So big yet so small

I have a toddler. Toddlers are funny little things, so full of determination and independence. Holly likes to do everything for herself, even if it causes her immense frustration. She is certain her way is the right way. Although people may look at us oddly in the shop when Holly has her shoes on the wrong feet or when she is wearing a wooly hat and gloves on a hot summers day, I let her assert her independence because one day, this personality trait of being such a determined little miss will stand her in good stead. It is funny because with a new baby in the house we often praise Holly for being such a 'big girl' when she does things well. Then, like today, I turn around and look down and see she really is such a wee dot, this big little girl of mine.


  1. they are also persistent - another good trait
    when they decide they want to do it
    they give it their all :)

  2. It was my children who taught me not care what people think! I say this with a smile and some pretty funny looking children at times. It is all good.



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