Thursday, February 4, 2010

Simple pleasures

The littlest one has a favorite pass-time. It is nothing fancy but it brings her alot of happiness and is one of the best things I was given when I had kids. It is a black and white mobile. I have it hung over the change table and both my girls have loved lying under it having a good kick with their nappy off. I gently tap it so it moves and sing this little song- "round and round and round it goes, where it is going to stop only Isla knows". 

I was looking for one recently to give a friend who is expecting her first child but sadly I have been unable to find one the same as mine. I did however find this site where you can make your own. There are so many fancy baby toys out there that have all the bells and whistles, some times it is nice to see that the simplest toys can bring the most pleasure. 

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  1. shes concentrating :)

    I still have a couple of books D4 got when he was a baby that are very similar :)


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