Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Holly's treasures

My girl, like many toddlers, loves finding treasure. Even a walk to the shop is filled with stops to examine flowers, plants,leaves, berries and any other special finds. So, it is no surprise that a trip to the beach is one of her favorite things and a bag to collect her treasures is a must.
Holly got to do just this last week during a special trip to visit her Nan and Pop. She bought her bag of treasures home, spending much time playing with her new finds, examining them and carefully lining them up before proudly showing them off.
The thing that is most beautiful about her treasures is what she chooses. Unlike and adult, who would select beauty based on shape and colour. She selects her shells for their unusual little features, a bit of dried seaweed still attached, a hole in it or two shells fused together.

For me, it is another example of the joy I get as a parent, glimpsing the world through the eyes of my child and it, like her little shells, is beautiful.

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  1. What a nice reminder - to look through the eyes of our children...

    Love it,


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