Monday, February 20, 2012

An Old Door Closes

It was with very mixed emotions, that last week we sold our Christchurch house. Whilst, we where very happy to be financially relieved of owning two properties. It was tinted with a touch of sadness as we had worked so hard on our little seaside cottage, to make it into a home that I thought we would live in for many, many years to come. Alas, that was not to be. Being there, in that house, after living through THAT day, it was just too hard. And so, we have made a new life elsewhere now, in a new little house that is just perfect for our little family. I think for anyone who lived in Christchurch, February 22nd 2011 was a life changing day. There was the life before and now there is the life after. Sadly, that door was our 'before', we have a new, different 'after' now. 


  1. I hope its a happy ever after ,After xx

  2. This must have been a difficult thing to do. Now, as you say, you have a new life in a new home that is perfect for your little family & I wish you all the happiness in the world..x

  3. Oh hon my heart goes out to you and your family for having to leave behind your beloved seaside cottage. Here's wishing you lots of joy and wonderful times in your new home. Becks x

  4. May your "new door" bring you everything you hope for.

  5. oh wow. i'm going back because i've been unable to read a lot here with the new baby. that must've been hard to sell your home, but all things considered it's very fortunate that you were able to sell it! (at least as far as california standards are considered - not sure how the market is in nz)... you are such a positive and strong woman - all these challenges you face you do so with ease. carry on strong sister! you are inspiring!


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