Thursday, November 24, 2011

On Buying Locally

There is a little shop I like to stop at. It is in the middle of nowhere, on the road which if you follow it long enough, would eventually take you to Mt Aspiring. Holly calls this little shop "the farmers shop". It operates on an honesty box, selling organic free range eggs, vegetables, herbs and seeds. The kids get a real kick out of stopping there. All of us squishing in while we choose what to buy.

It is the truest form of buying locally produced goods. You can't really get more local than the farm gate now can you? 


  1. the honor system too! that is so cool...

  2. We love buying at the farm gate! I picked up the most delicious & enormous lemons last weekend & there is something refreshing about the honesty system too, just makes you feel good..

  3. That is the cutest vege stall ever - its moments like these that children take into their adulthood.


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