Sunday, November 27, 2011

Flea Market Finds

6 blue mugs. 

Funny story behind these mugs. I spied them in a charity shop in a town about half an hour away from here. Only when I spotted them, it was a Sunday and the shop was closed. I went home and thought about those mugs all night. The next morning I got up and drove back to the charity shop- an hours return trip. But, I did come back the proud owner of 6 lovely blue mugs.

And how much did they cost me?
Mugs- $6.
 Petrol driving to get them- hate to imagine!
 How stoked I am to finally have some decent coffee mugs- priceless!


  1. Well worth it judging by the picture. Love them too, exactly what I like in a coffee mug, sturdy, nice shape and lovely texture and hue. Good buy!

  2. They were worth the drive! I've gone home thinking about something I just need to buy from a charity shop before - it's a little heartstopping when you're trying to work out whether someone has been back before you. Glad you got your mugs in the end!

    Jem xXx

  3. You are not the only one who has done something like that. TRUST ME!

    The Joyful Thrifter

  4. haha, sounds and looks like you really liked them to make that trip! well done though, you will remember it every time you drink tea or coffee, and its a nice story to tell your guests :) (btw, how i wish those shops were open on sundays!)

  5. well worth the drive - handmade and such a lovely colour

  6. totally worth the drive they are AWESOME!

  7. They are really pretty mugs; I can see why you couldn't stop thinking about them. Well worth the drive, I'd say!

  8. Beautiful colour! That's the thing about thrifting, you know your chances of finding the same thing again, is very highly unlikely! I would've driven back too.


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