Saturday, November 12, 2011

My Little Lady Of The Lake

I love how our days pan out here. A lazy lunch followed by an afternoon beach combing at the lake. This little girl of mine, just loves the water. She spends long periods sitting and playing quietly by the waters edge. She loves to throw pebbles into the water, taking joy in the plopping and slashing as they hit the water. 

Today this little girl of mine really made me smile. There is something about preschoolers and costumes, they are like moths to a flame, and my little Holly is no exception to that. Lately, I rarely seem to see her out of costume and todays choice was a butterfly fairy. She flittered along the waters edge, testing the water and enjoying the freedom to unleash her little butterfly fairy along the empty beach.

And as usual for my little girl, we spent time collecting the prettiest of the treasures to take home.

Gotta love days like this.  


  1. Hello, I have just found your blog...and I enjoyed browsing at the beautiful craft items you have made. I am in Wellington, having recently moved from Greymouth (we have spent the past 11 years in the South Island). I am sorry about your experiences in Christchurch during the partner was over there working at the time, but I have to say where you have moved now is absolutely beautiful. When we lived in Twizel for 5 years, we often travelled down to your 'new home' for holidays :)

  2. this is such a pretty memory! i love this post and am glad you're back and that all is well in your new hometown. it takes a while doesn't it? we're about to move again here, and i'm just hoping this next time i have the gift of hindsight. it all settles nicely eventually. you've found quite a beautiful piece of the earth where you are - but i bet all of new zealand is.


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