Sunday, June 26, 2011

On Going Home

Last week was my first visit back to Christchurch following our move south a couple of months back. It was nice to be home. Nice to spend time with family and friends. Nice to see my girls playing with their cousins. Nice to be able to buy a few bits and pieces from the bigger chain stores we lack down south. It was not so nice to be around for another 5.4 quake but I was relieved my girls both slept through it.

Coming back to our new home, I am grateful for the easy life we have here. Life is so normal. My children behave normally here, they go to playgroup, pre-school, they play at the playground. All the things I used to take for granted, but never again. We are happy here.

And a little update on Holly's eyesight. While we were up in Christchurch, Holly saw the specialist. Her eyesight appears to be on the improve in the eye that was deemed blind. We will continue occlusion therapy and she will have more testing in another three months but things are looking good!


  1. Wow Lou you have been through so much! I hope that you and your lovely town are all on the mend. Take care xx

  2. Hey Lou! I'm so glad you are settling in your new home. Yes it's nuts living here in Christchurch and I fear we go a little more nuts all the time:( such good news about Holly's eyesight, I hope she continues to get improvement xxxx

  3. 5.4 yuck!
    And I thought a 3.4 was bad enough - everyone has become so resilent to those nasty quakes ;'( I fear what it is doing to peoples minds ;'(
    YEAH for Hollys eyesight
    Hugs n Kisses to you and the girls xxx

  4. this is wonderful news! so happy you have found a wonderful new home and that holly's eyesight is improving. i also find the little things like playgrounds and friends for our littles to be the best things in life.

  5. So glad to hear Holly's eyesight is on the improve, wonderful news! And so very pleased to hear that you are happy in your new home & enjoying the simple things that really are the greatest joy ever! x

  6. So happy to hear the good news about Holly, yay! And also that things are working out so well in your new town. It must have been such a big thing to move under such circumstances, glad it's been so positive and now feels like home. Love the photo too, just lovely xo


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