Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Creative Space

Little flower headband

Hair tie

doll blanket

Little girl's handbag
The earthquake has had one positive- I finally learn't to crochet!


  1. Naww gorgeous headband! I have just posted a wee puff stitch flower headband of my own - check it out in my fairy trio set.

  2. :D
    Great minds ... I started learning during my 'quake break' too LOL
    Still struggling to co-ordinate my hands for tension and stitches, but I'll get there. I seem to be all thumbs at the moment!

  3. Oh wow & aren't you on a roll!! Gorgeous things you've made there, it sure is addictive isn't it!
    Thinking of you often...

  4. Well done. Crochet is addictive. Hope you are enjoying it. Cx

  5. what beautiful girly creations, you have really got the hang of it if you're making amazing things like that! hope things are going ok for you and your family, thinking of you :)

  6. You have learnt crocheting extremely well. I love the little handbag.


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