Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Autumn's Nature Table

I have been a bit slack about getting the nature table sorted out since we moved into our new wee house. However, today at a junk shop, I spotted a lovely wee mid century style table (more about that in another post!) and decided it would make a perfect nature table for the wee ones. 

I was lucky enough to win the autumn fairy who graces our nature table, a couple of years ago from Morning Sun Rae. The toad stools where made by my amazingly talented sister, she makes all manor of amazing things from roving and felt (I keep telling her she should be selling them). The leaves, Holly and I collected a few weeks back and flower pressed. The acorns where from a day trip Isla and I took to Cromwell recently. Lastly, the little mouse was knitted by me. 

I am so pleased to have our little nature table set up again, it adds a little magic to our living space.

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  1. Your table is fabulous hon! I love celebrating the seasons and we make a big deal of it in our house too. I was just sitting here planning what to do for winter solstice this year - we treat it like xmas in our family. I find the NZ winter quite long, so its nice to celebrate the seasons a bit and have things to look forward too. Becks xxx


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