Sunday, July 18, 2010

Flea Market Finds

I actually found this lovely little dolls high chair a few weeks ago but have had a busy few weeks so have not had a chance to tell you all about it. I found it tucked away in the corner of a local second hand shop, hidden behind a ton of kitchenwares. I was so excited, it was one of those finds that instantly brings a smile to ones face. It will make the perfect christmas present for Holly and will go beautifully with the Waldolf doll I am intending to make for her as part of the Crazy Crafter NZ's- waldolf doll sew along.

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  1. yay! Elijah spotted one at one of the op shops but they wanted $30 for it - I thought that was a bit steep! Not as nice as your find though

  2. That is so gorgeous! Love the natural wood look.

  3. Oh what a beauty! How can you wait?!# LOL

    Thanks for sharing - I was wondering.


  4. What a treausre! It looks so solid and in such good condition. I'm sure it will be well loved. xo

  5. Oh Lou what a brilliant find!! Your little ones will adore it. Hope you are having a wonderful week :)


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